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A TfS Assessment is a questionnaire-based evaluation of a company’s sustainability performance. Much more than a box-ticking exercise, it considers the concerns of externals parties including NGOs, trade unions and international organisations.

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Assessment introduction

A TfS Assessment examines the supplier’s approach to the Environment, Social Responsibility, Ethics, and the Supply Chain. Assessment methodology is built on international CSR standards including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the UN Global Compact, Responsible Care® principles and ISO26000.

Evaluation criteria include policies, actions, and results. Documentary evidence is required, and third-party certifications are considered. All supporting data remains strictly confidential.

TfS Assessments are conducted by TfS partner and service provider EcoVadis, a global leader for CSR Assessments, through a secure online platform. The Assessment questionnaire is adapted to the size, country of origin and business sector of the company being assessed. Reflecting the global reach of TfS, Assessments are available and valid across 140 countries.

TfS currently manages a pool of over 11,000 Assessments. The scorecards resulting from these Assessments are shared with the permission of the rated suppliers and thus available to all TfS members – expanding their choice of sustainable suppliers and improving procurement efficiency.

Assessment process

The process of a TfS Assessment has five steps:


Usually, the supplier is invited by a TfS member to register online for TfS Assessment.

Data collection

The supplier completes a secure, online questionnaire. Supporting information, including any third-party certification, must be provided.


The supplied data is analysed by sustainable development experts. At the same time, analysts perform a “360° watch” on all information that is available publicly about the supplier. Relevant public information will also influence the end score.


A scorecard including overall Assessment score, score by category and any strengths or improvement opportunities is created. TfS members have full access to the scorecard through a secure online platform and may request specific actions by selecting improvement areas as a “Corrective Action Plan” (CAP). The supplier may also provide access for their own (non-TfS) customers should they wish.

Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Any shortcomings are addressed with a CAP: a roadmap for tangible improvements of sustainability performance. The CAP contains agreed corrective actions, deadlines, and responsibilities. TfS supports suppliers in improving their sustainability performance through its training hub, the TfS Academy.

Result rating

TfS members practice what they preach – a condition of membership is a minimum assessment score of 60.

The overall rating resulting from a TfS Assessment is on the following 0 – 100 scale:


A TfS Assessment is valid for three years, but TfS members may ask suppliers for more regular assessment if required.

An assessment for one is an assessment for all.

A TfS Assessment demonstrates a commitment to a continuous improvement process – building chemical supply chains for a better world.

Assessment benefits

The TfS principle of progressive collaboration results in Assessments being shared throughout the TfS membership. This provides practical advantages for both TfS members and their suppliers:

Benefits to suppliers

  • Creates transparency of sustainability performance
  • Provides a detailed overview of strengths and weaknesses and the support to correct shortcomings
  • Exposes business opportunities through visibility to a pool of chemical buyers with a budget of more than €500 billion
  • Support sustainability commitments, and those of customers
  • Saves time and resources through avoiding multiple CSR assessment

Benefits to TfS members (Buyers)

  • Demonstrates a commitment to improving sustainability throughout chemical supply chains
  • Contributes to improved corporate CSR processes
  • Manages supplier risks
  • Monitors the sustainability performance of suppliers
  • Provides access to a pool of assessed suppliers

Assessment support

Are you a supplier ready to take the next step on your journey towards sustainability?

Contact us for more information

TfS supports its members – and their suppliers – through the Assessment process. The TfS Academy has tools, best-practice and training modules including how to choose whether a supplier should be invited to be audited or assessed.

Find out more about the TfS Academy


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