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TfS Academy: Open the door and start learning today

TfS Academy: Open the door and start learning today

The online TfS Academy provides hundreds of multilingual training modules to Together for Sustainability (TfS) members and their selected suppliers across all aspects of sustainability, procurement, Assessment, Audit and Corrective Action Plan.

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Together for Sustainability (TfS) is a member-driven initiative, raising CSR standards throughout the chemical industry. Our members are chemical companies committed to making sustainability improvements within their own – and their suppliers’ – operations. Together we are building the global standard for environmental, social and governance performance of chemical supply chains.

Our aim

TfS aims to foster a safe and ethical chemical industry dedicated to climate protection. We support the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and Responsible Care®.

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What we assess

Through TfS Assessments and Audits, our members measure the Management, Environmental, Health & Safety, Labour & Human Rights, and Governance performance of their suppliers. Areas requiring improvement are addressed through Corrective Action Plans.

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Towards a Strong,
Impactful Initiative…

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Our organisation

Global Reach

Chemical supply chains are integrated worldwide therefore our members and their suppliers span the globe. TfS Regional Operating Committees provide training and support with local knowledge and language capacity.

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TfS members represent a global annual turnover of over €600 billion1 and a global spend of over €400 billion2 in the chemical industry.
1 As of November 2022
2 Estimated figure

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Together we are building the chemical industry of the future

TfS supports its members as they conduct due diligence within their own supply chain – simplifying sustainable procurement and building a responsible and resilient chemical industry.

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Together we are constantly improving

The TfS ethos is one of continuous improvement within the global chemical industry. Through the corrective action plans triggered following an Assessment or Audit, suppliers to our members are constantly improving their sustainability performance and setting the standard for peers.

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Training and support

Improving sustainability performance requires know-how. TfS supports its members and their suppliers through the TfS Academy. From key concepts of sustainable procurement to practical tutorials covering the criteria of Assessment and Audit, our training materials help participants exceed stakeholder requirements.

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Collaboration between our members creates a strong TfS community. Together we are a common force to share best-practice and drive improvements, contributing to our members’ CSR obligations and aspirations. Our members drive TfS forward, shaping the future of the chemical industry together.

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