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TfS Audits and TfS Assessments identify issues for sustainability improvements. These findings lead to a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). This requires evidence of action to improve the supplier scorecard.

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CAP process

TfS members monitor, measure, and support their suppliers’ progress towards a CAP through a secure online platform – facilitating collaboration and driving improvement of sustainability performance throughout the chemical supply chain.

Tools are available to prioritise improvement areas by theme; ease of implementation; and improvement opportunities. All findings addressed help suppliers become more robustly sustainable businesses.

Constantly raising standards

CAPs are a starting point for a constructive dialogue between suppliers and their buyers – TfS Members. Together they deliver tangible improvements throughout the chemical supply chain, worldwide.

CAP support

Are you a supplier ready to take the next step on your journey towards sustainability?

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TfS supports its members – and their suppliers – through the CAP process, with resources available in the TfS Academy. Find out more about the TfS Academy here.

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