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Do not miss the upcoming “Introduction to EcoVadis” webinar in April 2024!

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In 1 hour, you will be introduced to the EcoVadis methodology and process, be equipped with the knowledge on how to complete the EcoVadis questionnaire and understand what matters most in the assessment.


We are excited to invite our members and their suppliers to this year’s “Introduction to EcoVadiswebinar series.

This webinar is suitable for companies new to the EcoVadis methodology and assessment. In particular, it is suitable for your corporate responsibility managers and/or managers who are involved in coordinating sustainability-related matters.

The webinar will be delivered by experts with many years of experience in sustainability assessments and the EcoVadis methodology. They will share their insights and practical tips to help you complete an assessment successfully.

The learning objectives of this webinar are for learners to:

  • Understand the EcoVadis assessment and its requirements.
  • Be able to complete the EcoVadis assessment.

The webinars will be delivered in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese and are free of charge.  In case you do not have an account on the TfS Academy, you can create one for free here :

I work for a supplier to a TfS Member Company
I work for a TfS Member Company


Learners may choose a session according to their language preference and availability:

Registration for suppliers
Registration for members


We hope to see many of you attending this webinar wave!

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