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Empower your decarbonisation journey with the TfS PCF Supplier Toolkit

We are excited to introduce our comprehensive PCF Toolkit for suppliers. This essential resource is designed to introduce you to the TfS PCF Guideline and help you on your decarbonisation journey. You will find the resources needed, all in one place. Dive in and start learning.

Introduction of the TfS PCF Guideline:

  • Benefits of calculating and sharing your PCF data
  • FAQ on PCF, data sharing, and decarbonisation
  • Guidance on the value chain and who the PCF Guideline applies to

Decarbonization Journey for suppliers: Overview of Recommended Training Material


The PCF Infographic -interactive toolkit (part of the Supplier Toolkit)

The PCF Infographic enables you to interact with your suppliers on their decarbonisation journey

Get started:

  • Learn the basics of climate change
  • Manage your company’s GHG emissions
  • At the product level, the PCF Guideline
  • Data verification and sharing

Advance your efforts:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Identify emissions reduction pathways
  • Analyse your supply chain emissions
  • Set a science-based target
  • Integrate climate issues into your business strategy
  • Integrate decarbonisation into your supply chain

Share the link with as many of your suppliers as possible; it will greatly support them in their understanding of the challenges of climate change, carbon footprint, GHG emissions (scope 1, 2, 3) and the PCF Guideline.

Training on the Decarbonisation Journey

The TfS Academy provides the following learning plan “Start your decarbonisation journey“.



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