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Joining forces for sustainable supply chains: TfS continues to grow

The rising tide of sustainability in the chemical industry is undeniable, and Together for Sustainability (TfS) stands at the helm of this transformative movement. With each new member, TfS reinforces its pivotal role in driving and delivering sustainability across industry supply chains.

TfS announces that Symrise and Univar Solutions have joined the initiative, bringing the total membership to 53 companies:

  • Symrise, a German chemicals company, is a major producer of flavours and fragrances.
  • Univar Solutions is a global chemical and ingredients distributor and provider of value-added services with headquarters in the US.

In an era marked by the urgent imperative to decarbonise, increasing regulatory standards, and heightened consumer expectations for transparency, TfS emerges as a beacon of innovation. By providing groundbreaking sourcing solutions, TfS empowers the chemical industry to forge pathways towards sustainability, collaboration, and resilience.

As we witness the expansion of TfS membership, it becomes increasingly evident that sustainability is not just a goal but a collective journey.

Join us in embracing sustainability, together we can create a brighter, more resilient future for all.


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