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PCF calculating and sharing solution – update highlights


  • Accelerated delivery of the Supplier PCF Methodology Guideline for chemical materials to Q2 2022, several months ahead of schedule
  • To ensure the guideline’s applicability to a wide range of chemical materials, TfS will kick off a pilot phase with suppliers and TfS members early April 2022.

TfS with its 33 member companies are working on a solution for scope 3 GHG emissions Product Carbon Footprint calculation and sharing. This ensures transparency and accountability in the chemical industry to enable effective reduction management.


Many companies currently estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their purchased goods based on global emission factors or generic information. To monitor reduction efforts for such “purchased emissions”, emission data on product- and supplier-level are required, so-called Product Carbon Footprints (PCF). There is currently no harmonized and specific approach amongst companies how to calculate PCF, and the limited available data shared is often not directly comparable. Many industries are facing the same challenges and founded several initiatives to develop applicable solutions.

TfS started with the development a sector guideline for scope 3 GHG Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculation for chemical materials by developing a data collection & sharing approach in close alignment with external stakeholders, allowing TfS member companies to engage with their suppliers at scale.

TfS takes the lead for the chemical industry for

  • developing a sectoral guideline of a Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) calculation methodology for chemical materials which is “audit-ready”, ISO-compliant, and accepted by the GHG Protocol
  • introducing a scalable IT platform to allow sharing the upstream PCF among TfS member companies
  • equipping TfS member companies to use the calculated PCFs for their individual carbon footprint calculation


  • collaboration with the WBCSD, Catena-X, Cercle Task Force, VCI, WRI, WEF, and SBTi preparing & aligning for drop-in solution
  • early mobilization to ensure supplier acceptance and acceleration from day one


  • The pilot of the Supplier PCF Methodology Guideline will include a healthy mix of companies with diverse experience levels in terms of PCF calculation
  • Prior to the start of the pilot, suppliers and TfS members will receive training material and be invited to a kick-off workshop early April
  • The learnings from the pilot will be used for the development of professional training materials to accompany the public launch of the guideline


  • guidelines & training on methodology ready for being piloted in Q2/2022
  • methodology pilot with selected suppliers starting in Q2/2022
  • platform selection and pilot Q3-4/2022
  • Roll-out of methodology & IT solution Q1/2023

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