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In the ten years after its creation, Together for Sustainability has grown into the de facto global standard for sustainable supply chains in the chemical industry, welcomed new members from all segments of the chemical industry and increased its impact on the sustainability performance of members and suppliers.

Despite the challenges presented by Covid19 in 2021, the call for immediate action on challenges posed by climate change is shared by all. Therefore, TfS has kept working hard to grow further, welcoming six new members: Givaudan, Chemours, Croda, Dow, LyondellBasell and OMV, kicking off a new TfS team in Singapore and implementing new programmes and new technological solutions to increase the sustainability performance of supply chains.

Below, some highlights from the TfS Annual Activity report 2021 and TfS achievements in 2021.


  • TfS Assessment KPIs

Despite continued global uncertainty and considerable business challenges, in 2021 all TfS members met or exceeded their Assessment targets. The solid KPI results show the robustness of the TfS methodology with its (online) tool – TfS Assessments. They are also a testimony of the resilience of our members’ supply chains and of their ability to improve sustainability performance despite challenging times.
For instance, 64% TfS Supplier scorecards re-assessed in 2021 showed a score improvement.


  • TfS Audit KPIs

In 2021, TfS members set their own self-defined Audit targets for the first time. Although site access was less of an issue in 2021 vis-à-vis 2020, planning and availability constraints, along with market uncertainties caused by Covid19, impeded the achievement of the Audit targets.

The launch of new Audit database – OASIS (Online Audit Sharing IT Solution) in April 2021, however, provided auditors, suppliers, and members with a valuable tool to more easily report, work on and follow the progress of the most important findings.
66% of the findings addressed by Follow-up Audits in 2021 were closed.


  • Scope3 GHG Product Carbon Footprint emissions calculation and sharing solution

In 2021, TfS kicked off a programme on Scope 3 GHG emissions and started the development of a sector guideline for the calculation of chemical materials’ Scope 3 GHG Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), and of a data collection & sharing approach. Teaming up with relevant partners, TfS intends to take the global lead of the chemical industry with the solutions the programme will provide and to address what is probably the biggest challenge of our time, climate change.


  • Training and Capability-building

The TfS Capability and Training Programme is vital for driving continuous sustainability improvements in TfS member companies’ global supply chains. In 2021, TfS delivered over nine training sessions in several languages to over 1,800 learners.
TfS has also begun the rollout of its new TfS Academy – a one-stop learning environment for TfS member companies’ buyers and suppliers.
The TfS learning platform will provide more than 240 e-learnings, guidelines, webinar recordings, and quick reference guides in seven languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Bengali) and suitable for different levels of experience.


  • #TfS Talks

Information-sharing and the exchange of ideas on a regular basis are a prerequisite for a connected and informed TfS Community. #TfSTalks are online discussions and knowledge-sharing opportunities prepared by and for TfS Members. #TfSTalks in 2021 addressed sustainability topics of joint interest to the TfS community, such as conflict minerals, human rights due diligence, GHG Scope 3 emissions, risk Mapping and TfS Audit/Assessment follow-up.


  • #TfS Connect

Essential to keep the broader TfS community informed and up to date on the TfS initiative is the TfS newsletter – #TfSConnect. #TfSConnect reports on new initiatives and progress made on the four pillars of the TfS strategy 2020-2025: Higher Standards, Collaborative Action, Stronger Community, and Strategic Extension.
#TfSConnect was published in March and October 2021. The global #TfSConnect community has, since March, grown from 177 to over 850 subscribers.


Looking back, for TfS 2021 was a year of unprecedented challenges, but also of major accomplishments, learnings, and celebration. In the year of its 10th anniversary, Together for Sustainability can be proud of its achievements.


The full TfS Annual Activity Report 2021 is available here.

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