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TfS and WBCSD PACT Forge Strategic Collaboration to Drive Sustainable Supply Chains

Brussels, Geneva – 21 May  2024 – Together for Sustainability (TfS) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Partnership for Carbon Transparency (WBCSD PACT) are pleased to announce a pioneering collaboration aimed at advancing sustainable practices within global supply chains.

Over the past few months, TfS and WBCSD PACT have been working diligently to strengthen their relationship, culminating in a formalised agreement that signifies not only a shared vision but also recognises TfS as a key partner organisation within PACT.

We are excited to unveil the most recent developments:

Formalised Partnership: PACT and TfS have successfully formalised their partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This step not only strengthens the collaboration but also reinforces TfS’s pioneering voice in the chemical industry on all things sustainability.

Mutual Support: TfS and PACT pledge to support each other in their respective Scope 3 and PCF implementation programmes through enhanced communication and joint events, fostering a collaborative environment for sustainable initiatives and the companies they represent.

Seamless Integration: TfS and PACT have been working tirelessly to ensure their Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) guidelines are complementary and free of discrepancies. The guidelines eliminate duplicative reporting efforts and support organisations to calculate comparable and exchangeable PCFs cross-industry. Further to this, the TfS PCF data exchange solution has been successfully piloted both with TfS members and their suppliers.  The TfS PCF exchange solution, using Siemens’ SiGreen technology, enables PCF exchange at scale both within the TfS community, the chemical sector at large and beyond. Its official launch is scheduled for the second half of 2024. Through the PACT Implementation Programme 2024, organisations will use PACT Conformant solutions to seamlessly exchange PCF data at scale, trailblazing a path to value chain transparency for all industries and sectors.

Commenting on the collaboration, Dr Gabriele Unger, General Manager of TfS, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our journey towards driving sustainability in global supply chains. By aligning with WBCSD PACT, we can amplify our impact and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices.”

Likewise, Naama Avni Kadosh, Director of PACT, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We are excited to deepen our partnership with TfS, a key player in advancing sustainable supply chains. Together, we aim to drive greater transparency and foster innovation for a more sustainable future.”

The collaboration between TfS and WBCSD PACT is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainability and represents a crucial step towards achieving global sustainability goals.

For more information about TfS and WBCSD PACT, please visit


Maria De Rycke | Communications Manager | M +32 498 246063

Cecilia Valeri | Senior Manager Climate Transparency | M +41 79 2954508

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