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TfS interviews Michelle Moore of new member Chemours

TfS interviewed Michelle Moore, CPO of new TfS member company The Chemours Company. For Chemours, who joined TfS in October, becoming a TfS member means they are step-changing their approach and “casting a much wider net,” enabling them to reach their goals faster. The TfS initiative is appreciated because of its breadth of information on suppliers, which will save Chemours time and resources, so they focus more on building and delivering improvement plans. At TfS, the sharing principle takes centre stage, sharing of best practice and working together to shape a shared future. Mrs. Moore confirms she is looking forward to co-developing solutions for common issues such as scope 3 GHG emissions data collection and management. And the opportunity to work with 33 other chemical companies to drive sustainability improvement across the procurement departments and the chemical industry will make it even more exciting and purposeful.

Q: Can you briefly describe your company and position?

Chemours is a global leader in Titanium Technologies, Thermal & Specialized Solutions, Advanced Performance Materials, and Chemical Solutions. The products we manufacture impact every part of modern day living and enable a greener, low carbon future. From low global warming potential refrigerants that keep your home and car comfortable and food fresh, to fluoropolymers that enable green hydrogen and low or no emissions vehicles, as well as paints that cover in one coat thanks to titanium dioxide.

I lead Chemours’ global procurement function, with a team of over 250 internal and external resources, managing multi-billion dollar spend across all categories including direct and indirect materials and services, logistics and transportation services, capital, real estate and energy and gas. I also provide leadership over procurement operations and accounts payable activities. Before becoming Chief Procurement Officer, I was Chemours’ Chief Transformation Officer where I led enterprise wide improvements of key strategic programs using Agile ways of working.

Q: What does become a TfS member mean for Chemours?

Joining TfS means that we’re step-changing our approach and casting a much wider net, to accelerate the work to reach our goals faster and as we do – to become much more aspirational on what we can ultimately achieve.

Q: What is your view on sustainability in supply chains globally?

The expectations for businesses, including those in the chemicals industry, to adopt more sustainable operations and business practices has grown over the past several years, and managing sustainability through supply chain is a critical part in achieving the world’s necessary and ambitious sustainable development goals. Since our founding, we have been fully cognizant of our impacts on the world and unafraid of pushing ourselves to achieve more. Our supply chain sustainability goals, as part of our Corporate Responsibility Commitment 2030 goals, are a demonstration of how we’re working to enact change in a meaningful, measurable way.

Q: Can you describe your approach to sustainable supply chains, sustainable procurement?

When I think about Chemours Corporate Responsibility Commitment and the roadmap to 2030, we have a big lift. We are using external platforms like EcoVadis to help us stand up a robust Responsible Procurement framework. EcoVadis provides a view of our suppliers and where they are on their sustainability journey. Our approach thus far has been to understand and baseline our supply base to inform how and where we focus our efforts next. Climate is front and center and understanding scope 3 emissions is on our agenda, like many others.

Q: What drove you to take the decision to join TfS and why TfS in particular?

The work ahead involves collaboration. Collaboration with customers, suppliers, and peers. TfS provides us with an opportunity to improve collaboration with our peers in the chemical industry, those that have common goals and common hurdles.

Q: What does your company expect to gain from the TfS membership, how do you see the mid-to long term benefits from TfS membership?

TfS houses a breadth of information on suppliers. We can leverage audit and assessment data to save us time and resources, to start building improvement plans versus spending our time on doing the assessments. To me, it’s all about sharing – sharing best practices and working together to shape our collective future.

Q: Taken the TfS approach into account, what do you hope to achieve in your network of partners?

I already mentioned collaboration, but I am looking forward to co-developing solutions for common issues like scope 3 emissions data collection and management. Ultimately, our goal is to drive sustainability improvements across our sector, and I’m excited about how this team of over 30 strong companies can find ways to do that.

Q: Which challenges, opportunities do you anticipate encountering when rolling-out TfS in your organization?

Chemours is excited to have joined TfS, and I’d say the one challenge we have is resourcing this work for success. Like others in the industry are also experiencing, the ongoing supply chain challenges mean teams are devoted to finding ways to continue to deliver for the business and customers so getting the mind-space and focus needed to drive our responsible procurement initiatives aren’t as front and center as we’d like. The opportunity here is that in order to make meaningful progress, we need all hands-on deck, and we are committed to quickly involving our entire team in the TfS roll-out. Getting everyone involved will be the difference maker.

Q: TfS is a member-driven initiative: CPO and other professionals of the TfS member companies exchange best practice, drive the initiative forward and shape the future of the chemical industry. What are your thoughts on this?

This is a main reason why Chemours was interested in joining!  We are all about collaboration, it’s part of our culture. We also know that to solve these tough problems, we need to partner with industry peers to understand (or develop) best practice – and we need to devote time and effort to see it through.

Q: Where do you see yourself contribute to the TfS initiative, also take your sustainability expertise into account?

We believe Chemours is a leader among peers in setting aspirational responsibility commitments and driving execution to reach our 2030 goals. As CPO, I have a team of experts at Chemours, including our Chief Sustainability Officer, to tap and to also share with TfS members. Earlier in my career I spent about 10 years working in environmental and regulatory roles.  I have a passion in this space and am motivated to make a strong contribution to Chemours and to TfS.

Q: Any closing remarks?

Thank you for the opportunity to provide my thoughts on TfS and Chemours’ motivation to join. We are committed to do well by doing good and are happy to be joining over 30 industry peers to do good, together.

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