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TfS releases report “Raising CSR standards throughout the chemical industry”

Recently, TfS released the 2023 Activity Report “Raising CSR standards throughout the chemical industry”, which presents the TfS achievements of last year. Says TfS President Jennifer JewsonOver the past year, we’ve made considerable progress in our efforts to combat climate change through the chemical industry. Thanks to the tireless work of our teams and the implementation of the TfS Assessments and Audit programme, we’re now better equipped than ever to create a sustainable future. Our commitment to comprehensive capability-building and learning ensures that we’ll remain future-proof and continue to lead the way. Let’s continue working together to raise CSR standards through global chemical supply chains and build a better world for all.”

Below are some of the highlights of the report:

  • TfS Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) proramme

In 2023, TfS launched the White Paper Improving and Harmonizing Scope 3 Reporting, exploring three vital topics for the chemical industry: biogenic carbon; mass and energy balance; and recycled materials and content.

TfS successfully launched a pilot of its PCF data-sharing solution using Siemens’ SiGreen technology. The pilot included sequenced data-sharing tests involving both TfS members and suppliers.

To raise awareness about the TfS PCF Guideline and exchange best practice, TfS has approached over 60 associations & initiatives across all regions where TfS operates.

  • TfS Assessments, Audits and Action Priority Dashboard

To deal with the growing availability of data, TfS launched its Digitalisation Project creating a comprehensive data repository that includes data from Audits, Assessments and the TfS Academy. It will seamlessly integrate with the internal reporting systems of our member companies.

The TfS Action Priorities Dashboard enables the TfS network to focus on common actions by utilising available data. Its objective is to improve due diligence by prioritising emerging topics based on their urgency. In 2023, water management was added to the list of topics.

TfS aligned the audit questionnaire with the most recent due diligence laws to ensure the TfS Audit approach is “future-proof”. The quality standard was improved by steering Audits through an online application. TfS also recognised the Chemical Road Transportation Safety Assessment System (CRSAS) from China as an equivalent of TfS Audits.

  • TfS Assessment KPIs and TfS Audit KPIs
    • In 2023, TfS conducted –
      • 11,421 Assessments,
      • 492 Audits.
      • 62% of TfS suppliers improved after re-assessment
      • 70% of TfS suppliers improved after follow-up on CAP (Corrective Action Plan) or re-audit
    • Capability Building and Training        

To enhance collaboration, sustainability, and accessibility for suppliers, TfS developed the following initiatives:

  • Launch of the decarbonisation training programme for TfS members and suppliers. Topics range from an introduction to climate change that highlights the urgency to act now, to courses on how to take emission reduction measures.
  • Implementation of various projects focusing on continuous improvement. The objective was to increase the scale and impact of shared supplier improvement.
  • Simplified supplier access to ease the uptake of the TfS Academy for members and suppliers.
  • Personalised learning journeys for the TfS Academy users will meet their unique needs.
  • TfS, a strong learning community

TfS provides the platform – 5 CPO discussions, 2 #TfSTalks, monthly TfS Round Tables, 2 #TfSConnect and one hybrid Annual Workshop – where TfS leadership and professionals exchange information and best practice.

  • TfS, a growing organisation

10 companies (5 European, 3 American, 1 Thai and 1 Saudi-Arabian) joined TfS in 2023, bringing the total membership to 50.

The TfS General Assembly elected a new President for 2 years, as well as a new Steering Committee.


Click on “Read More” to read the full report.

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