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Future-proofing TfS Audits


The TfS Audits Work Stream (WS3) is finalising the latest TfS Audit template update, which will be more “future-proof” than previous versions.

  • In line with the most recent due diligence laws: As per the latest due diligence laws, we had our audit questionnaire reviewed by a reputable consultancy at the start of 2023. This was to ensure that it aligns with the most recent and stringent requirements set by LksG and EU legislation. Based on their feedback, we have added or updated some questions. Our team of internal experts has also reviewed each chapter to identify and remove any outdated content.
  • Robustness: Until now, modifying the core template has been a challenging task as it needed to be reintegrated into our online tool and used by a global auditor population with whom we have limited contact. However, starting from January 2024, the new template will be solely accessible in the cloud, and the audit will be conducted through an app. This approach ensures that auditors always have the latest version at their disposal, and we can seamlessly integrate updates regularly.
  • Quality standard: Implementing audits through our app will significantly reduce human errors. We will also closely monitor the reasoning behind non-conformities. Additionally, we will now train our auditors in-house for the first time. Thanks to the TfS Academy, we can develop a comprehensive auditor training program and ensure that the necessary knowledge is effectively transferred.

Starting from the beginning of 2024, the current audit version “3.1” will be available alongside the updated 4.0 version. This will allow both members and auditors to adjust and gradually phase out the previous template. However, from 1st April 2024, only the 4.0 version will be available.


Sven Gelissen, Lanxess, Chair TfS Work Stream 3 “Audits”
Jakob Smets, TfS Audit Manager

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