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TfS Activity Report: “Decarbonising the chemical industry | empowering teams”

In February of this year TfS released the 2022 Activity Report “Decarbonising the chemical industry | empowering teams”, which presents the TfS achievements of last year. Below are some of the highlights of the report:

  • Decarbonising the chemical industry

In 2022, TfS launched the PCF Guideline, a vital tool to drive decarbonisation through the chemical industry and beyond.  The PCF Guideline allows companies and suppliers to calculate and share high quality carbon footprint data. The global launch event of the Guideline on 9 November was attended by 835 stakeholders from around the world.

  • Capability Building and Training        

The launch of the TfS Academy, a one-stop upskilling hub for responsible sourcing, attracted over 1,300 registrants. Collectively, they spent 45.18 days learning. 1,334 courses were completed with a further 984 courses in progress. Popular topics include TfS Scope 3 and decarbonisation efforts such as “Managing Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, “Get ready to decarbonise”, and introductions to the circular economy.

More than 1,900 participants in total attended the nine TfS supplier training webinars in cooperation with EcoVadis. These webinars drive continuous improvement.

Several Communities of Practice were launched, including 5 Round Table events for TfS Coordinators. These help to deliver tangible impact by learning from, and supporting, one another.

  • TfS Assessments, Audits and Action Priority Dashboard

The launch of the Action Priority Dashboard for TfS Assessments will increase due diligence based on the urgency of emergency topics.

Remote Audits are permanently embedded in the TfS Audit programme.

We also focus on TfS Audits used by TfS members with up to 25% of non-TfS Audits (SMETA, SQAS, PCSCI Aduits) accepted per TfS member company.

  • TfS Assessment KPIs and TfS Audit KPIs

    • In 2022, TfS conducted –
      • 8,386 Assessments,
      • 378 Audits.
    • 65% of TfS supplier scorecards re-assessed in 2022 showed a score improvement.
    • The TfS Online Audit Sharing IT Solution (OASIS) enables suppliers to become directly involved in TfS online activities and be approached by members in their improvement cycle after an Audit. 55% of the findings addressed by 45 Follow-up Audits in 2022 were improved.
  • TfS, a strong learning community

TfS provides the platform – 4 CPO discussions, 3 #TfSTalks, 1 #TfSConnect and the Annual Workshop – where TfS leadership and professionals exchange information and best practice.

  • TfS, a growing organisation

Seven companies (five European, one Japanese and one Chinese) joined TfS in 2022, bringing the total membership to 40.

In terms of Governance, the commitment to CO2 reduction in value chains is anchored in the TfS Articles of Association and membership criteria.

Read the full TfS Activity Report here.

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