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TfS OASIS update: Automated audit preparation to increase efficiency

In June we launched the automated audit preparation on OASIS. This means that whenever a new supplier nomination is accepted, the supplier will automatically receive an invitation to join the audit platform and the TfS Academy. This also applies to those with a non-TfS Audit. This way suppliers have access to their own audit and the numerous supplier courses to help them improve.

The suppliers required to take the TfS audit can initiate this process themselves or wait for a specific invitation from the member company. In both cases, the supplier is now assigned a more active role than before, moving the “instructor” role away from the buyer to the OASIS  platform and the TfS Academy. Once the supplier starts the audit preparation, there are three stages that the buyers or TfS Coordinator can follow live on the platform under the “upcoming audits” menu item:

  1. In progress: the supplier fills out the “supplier confirmation form” with all the information auditors need to make a proposal. Once this is done, the supplier presses “send audit request” and all four audit companies receive an automatic email request.
  1. Audit requested: the audit company has four days to respond to the audit request. This becomes the date and length of the audits translated into “man-hours”. Once the supplier agrees to a proposal, the site manager must sign a contract with the audit company and confirm the audit on OASIS.
  1. Audit confirmed: you will see an audit date appear in your overview of upcoming audits and the audit company.

If the statuses “in progress” and “audit requested” remain the same for more than 2 weeks, a reminder is automatically sent to check if there is an issue. Here is an example of how the list looks like:

This process offers several advantages:

  • It will take much of the audit preparation burden off the buyers’ shoulders
  • The buyer or TfS Coordinator can monitor the progress of your suppliers live until the audit is delivered
  • Audit companies pro-actively approach your suppliers with an audit offer
  • Suppliers are forwarded to the TfS Academy sooner – which should lead to better audit preparation and higher awareness.

For more information: The recording of the webinar “The automated TfS audit preparation is launched on OASIS” held on 27 June is available on the TfS Academy.

Author: Jacob Smets, Audit Manager Together for Sustainability




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