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TfS Scope 3 GHG programme – get ready for the PCF data sharing solution!

This story highlights the key achievements during Q2-2023 for TfS Work Stream 5 on Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Key activities include the official start of the PCF data sharing solution pilot using SiGreen technology, a successful webinar on supplier GHG engagement, and the increasing recognition of TfS as a leader in PCF determination methods for the chemical industry.

The second quarter has been very successful for TfS Work Stream 5 (WS5) on Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, with a consistently high level of engagement from all participating work stream members. A presentation on the progress of WS5 was delivered at the TfS General Assembly in June 2023, confirming the high level of support for the work stream’s activities from the TfS CPOs. A very big thank you to all the colleagues who are helping TfS shape the chemical industry’s approach to reduce GHG emissions and support the transition of our industry to reach net zero!

The key achievements per WS5 Work Package (WP) have been included below:

  • WP 5.1: The key focus for WP5.1 has been the development of content for the White Paper, which will be the next publication launched by TfS, connected to the PCF Guideline.
    The White Paper will aim to address topics not fully covered by the PCF Guideline. Due to the complexity of the topics covered within the scope of the paper, the team has extended the timeline with a view to publish the document following the summer break. In addition to the White Paper, the team is collaborating on other topics including involvement with other associations on Product Category Rules (PCRs), advancing the PCF validation concept (together with WP5.2) and responding to comments on the PCF Guideline.
  • WP 5.2: A key milestone for WP5.2 has been the official start of the active development phase of the pilot with SiGreen, following successful completion of the Collaboration Agreement between TfS and Siemens. The project team is now hard at work on preparing the pilot, with a key activity the first face-to-face workshop with Siemens, which took place at the end of June at the Siemens offices in Munich. WP5.2 will be responsible for testing the solution on behalf of all TfS members, with the first use of the platform by the pilot participants starting after the summer and suppliers sharing actual data towards the end of 2023. To help TfS members who are not part of the pilot prepare for the roll-out in 2024, WS5 has organised webinars titled “Get ready for SiGreen” to share recommendations on how to start planning for the roll-out phase. Get in touch with the TfS Office in case you have not received the invitations for July and August.
  • WP 5.3: A key activity for WP5.3 during the last quarter has been the delivery of a successful webinar titled “Decarbonise your supply chain” at the end of May. The purpose of the webinar was to help members start actively using the tools at their disposal in their supplier engagement decarbonisation approaches. The webinar helped TfS members learn how to create transparency on GHG emissions and set reduction targets, address supply chain GHG emissions (preparation of sourcing organization, engaging suppliers to reduce) and track GHG emission reductions using Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs). In case you were not able to attend, the webinar is available in the TfS Academy. In addition, the team continues to work on finalising the last of the learning materials before the transfer to Work Stream 4 – Capability Building.
  • WP 5.4: Last but not least, WP5.4 has been extremely active over the last quarter, with every downstream industry now covered by a TfS member “Industry Champion” to help spread the TfS message on the PCF Guideline. Through selective outreach and leverage of TfS member company channels, WP5.4 is positioning TfS as a recognised PCF standard-setter in the chemical industry and for chemical products. Among leading chemical associations, solid recognition or public endorsement at CEFIC, PlasticsEU and key associations in the lubricants, textile&leather and rubber industry segments has been achieved, alongside promising engagement at ACC (US), JCIA (Japan) and CPCIF (China). Over 80 engagements with Associations & Initiatives in EU, Asia and the Americas in various sectors have now been initiated, with an increasing number of downstream sectors is aware of TfS activities.

Author: Katherine Agapitos, Sika, Chair TfS Work Stream 5 “Scope 3 GHG emissions”


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